Small business opinion on the death of Margaret Thatcher

Company owners hail Thatcher as a powerful leader and strong influence on private enterprise.

Company owners hail Thatcher as a powerful leader and strong influence on private enterprise.

Mike Wheeler, founder of car accessories company Auto Styling Truckman: ‘I cannot help but be grateful to Mrs Thatcher and her era of government. As someone who worked during the three-day week period, Mrs Thatcher’s administration brought a breath of fresh air to the country and put entrepreneurial businesses at the heart of the country’s future. She had a resounding effect on my career and work ethic, which enabled me to start and grow my business.’

Norman Peterson, director of specialist regeneration company Carlton & Co: ‘I’m very sad to hear about the death of Mrs Thatcher. We’ve lost one of the best prime ministers the country has ever had, second only to Winston Churchill. We will look back on her time in office and realise what a formidable leader and visionary she was. She was tough reformer who raised Britain’s standing abroad.’

John Elliott, chairman of the Ebac Group, which deals in dehumidifers: ‘Margaret Thatcher revolutionised the economics of this country, from a very bad state to a very good one, but it was a legacy which was never fulfilled. Her intention was to get us out of the crazy world we were in, but what she did was hijacked by financiers and bankers with a get-rich-quick mentality.’

Ruth Roddam, Saks hair salon: ‘Whatever your political persuasion, from a female perspective Baroness Thatcher showed great leadership and was an iconic role model. She embodied empowerment for professional, working women everywhere and proved that women can achieve in what is still a predominantly male-dominated world. Her opinions and views were held in great esteem on the world stage and she will be sadly missed.’

Entrepreneur plumber Charlie Mullins: ‘Mrs Thatcher would undoubtedly make a good Prime Minister today. She didn’t sit on the fence, she wasn’t afraid to tell anyone, even world leaders, what she thought, not like some of the politicians that led us into the mess we’re in today.’

Mike Odysseas, managing director of Odyssey Systems Ltd: ‘She was fearless in her approach to enabling the country to get moving after the country stalled to a virtual halt under Labour in the 70s, which paved the way for a programme of privatisation and battles with the Union’s that enabled new businesses to be formed and flourish.’

Isobel Schofield, managing director of industrial door manufacturer Union Industries: ‘Whatever one’s politics, Maggie Thatcher proved that women can provide strong leadership and unwavering commitment to policies and goals they believe to be right. 

‘She may have been loved and hated in equal measure, but few could deny that she was a fabulous ambassador for Britain and an inspiration to women worldwide.’ 

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel was the editor of from 2010 to 2018. He specialises in writing for start-up and scale-up companies in the areas of finance, marketing and HR.

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