Small business video advice from content marketers

Garth Haley speaks to four content marketing experts on the benefits of using video content for small companies.

Video is an increasingly important tool in your content marketing toolkit. If you’re not already using video in your marketing strategy, now is the time to start.

If you’re a small business or startup with a view to integrating video to your content marketing strategy, we have spoken with some of the best content marketing agencies in the UK in order to provide you with actionable video marketing advice.

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Anthony Gaenzle, director of marketing at the EnVeritas Group 

Video is playing a more and more significant role in companies’ content marketing campaigns. Internet users are seeking more dynamic content, and younger audiences aren’t always willing to dedicate the time and attention necessary to sit down and read through text-heavy content.

I would caution companies not to be too rigid or too promotional with their video content. There are plenty of commercials out there. Instead of creating another commercial, be authentic, offer value, and even add a little humour where it fits. Don’t look at video content as an advertising tool, but more of a branding opportunity where you can connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Karen Webber, marketing director at Axonn Media

Video is an unmissable part of any strategy. Time and time again we see high levels of traffic to and engagement with video content. It’s what audiences want, and marketers need to fulfil in that need. 

Attempting video content without a clear strategy is a recipe for disaster, so don’t do it for the sake of having video. First you need to identify who you are trying to engage with your content, and then decide on the best channel for delivering your message. And as always with content marketing, start small, keep a close eye on metrics, adjust, improve and try again. It’s all about testing.

Doug Kessler, creative director and co-founder of Velocity

Video is a bedrock medium for most of the content marketing programs we do with clients. It’s incredibly versatile; good for everything from short, animated explainers to deep, documentary-style stories, talking head case studies, chalk-talks… there’s very little you can’t do with video. Most B2B brands are lagging in their use of video. That’s a big missed opportunity.

There’s no reason video needs to be prohibitively expensive. Look for ideas that can be well-executed on a low budget. It’s okay to have some videos that are slick and sexy.  But you’ll need lots of hardworking videos too. So get good at making them quickly and cheaply without dipping below the threshold of clarity and professionalism.

Eric Campbell, managing director at White Light Media

Video can be used as a key tool to speak to your audience but it is dependent on the context of the campaign. In a time where engagement can be fast, fleeting and frivolous, marketers have to be sure that their video content has some kind of hook that will keep the viewer glued to the screen, and to keep coming back to them for more of the same.

The 5 Ps is a good place to start; proper planning prevents poor performance. Knowing what you want to achieve from your video content is key so set that beacon for your team to aim for and always have it in mind if you start to wander off topic. Producing a one-off video is not going to help you build your brand in the long run so planning out a series of productions backed by a well-thought-out marketing strategy to get them out there is key.

We hope that these learnings from experienced UK content marketers has inspired to you embark on your own video content creation.

Garth Haley is director of Hyperfine Media.

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