Small businesses have average of just £9,000 left from Bounce Back Loan

Majority of small businesses expect what’s left from their COVID-19 Bounce Back Loans to run out by end of September

Businesses have an average of just over £9,000 left from any Bounce Back Loan they took out to save their struggling firms.

Over a million small businesses have taken out the state-backed emergency loans and the majority expect what’s left of the cash to run out by the end of September.

And nearly two thirds of SMEs (63 per cent) surveyed that have taken out Bounce Back Loans were unaware that the deadline for applying for the larger Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) is also the end of this month.

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Of the 1.2m small businesses that have taken out Bounce Back Loans, 39 per cent used the cash to pay suppliers and 29 per cent used the £50,000 maximum loan available to set up e-commerce stores and online shopping channels.

According to a MarketFinance survey, most SMEs (76 per cent) would be keen on having a CBILS facility “on ice” in case they need it later in the year in anticipation of larger bills, taxes due towards the end of the year.

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Over three quarters of small businesses (77 per cent) believed they will only hit 50 per cent of their 2019 revenues.

And Christmas doesn’t hold much cheer for small businesses either.

Over half (56 per cent) believed seasonal demand would be lower than last year owing to the ongoing impact of COVID19.

With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looming, two thirds of SMEs believe no EU deal presents huge risks for their business, including staffing problems, not having information on how to conduct business going forward, and supply chain problems at borders.

SMES are fearful of the ongoing decimation of the pandemic as 2020 draws to a close. Two-thirds (65 per cent) reported a second mass lockdown (as COVID-19 cases increase) leading to supply chains being impacted causing delays in sales and payments.

MarketFinance surveyed 2,000 UK companies with a minimum turnover of £250,000 for the survey.

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