Smaller firms guilty of ‘greenwashing’

A number of SMEs have been claiming they are more environmentally friendly than they are, or 'greenwashing', it has been alleged.

According to gardening specialists Marshalls, a number of small enterprises, realising the value of presenting an environmental image, are masquerading as green-friendly firms.

Chris Harrop, group marketing director for Marshalls, says: ”Greenwashing’ has been taking hold in consumer markets for about a year and it’s been growing at pace

‘There are smaller companies who either don’t have the resources or have built a business model that won’t allow them to address either low carbon or water usage, or the ethical issues in the supply chain.’

He adds: ‘If you’re a smaller company you have a choice; you either start your business from a social or environmental perspective, and that’s your niche in the market, or you address the issue later, which in certain cases could be difficult and complicated.’

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