SMEs: Government doesn’t care

Small businesses are disillusioned by a lack of support from the state, research suggests.

In an international survey of 5,000 entrepreneurs conducted by serviced office provider Regus, 79 per cent of UK business owners feel their interests are neglected by government, compared with 75 per cent globally.

Some 72 per cent of British businesses say that banks should be forced to lend more to entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses, stressing that access to credit is an issue for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, 87 per cent feel that government venture capital funds should be available to support entrepreneurs and their business initiatives.

Indicating that maintaining cash flow is still an issue, almost three quarters (74 per cent) of respondents declare that legal penalties should be enforced for late payment of invoices.

Mark Dixon, chief executive of Regus says: ‘In spite of their massive importance to the national economy, the SME segment struggles to get its voice heard. In the aftermath of the global downturn, this key sector for the economy has had difficulties securing capital and maintaining cash flow.’

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