SMEs to vote Tory

Many small businesses say they will vote Conservative in the next election.

In a poll from, 36 per cent of respondents say they will vote for David Cameron’s party, while 22 per cent intend to vote Labour, 10 per cent will vote Lib Dem and 15 per cent say they won’t vote at all.

Frank O’Callaghan, owner of sweetshop Humbugs of Towcester, says: ‘Overall, the things that have been done for small businesses have been a token gesture, and I’m not sure there’s been a considered approach to helping and supporting business.

‘I think the next government might be able to tweak and change things for the better, but I’m not expecting a big sea change. Typically I’d vote Conservative, but I’m not convinced that their “get rich quicker” outlook is the right one at the moment.’

Mark Davis, owner of online art shop Obsession Art, says: ‘I feel like the government has been quick to react to the financial crisis, but has only done a couple of things to help SMEs. The idea of reducing VAT was good in theory, but I’m doubtful as to whether it has affected consumer spending.

‘None of the politicians are inspiring me at the moment. It’s not like we have an Obama. Brown is just dour, and you get the impression that Cameron is being polished by his PR people, but isn’t someone you can really relate to. Vince Cable always sounds very good – but the Lib Dems aren’t real contenders.’

Of the 622 respondents, 9 per cent said they will vote for UKIP, while 7 per cent said they will vote Green.

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