Staff ‘should be supported and challenged’

Employers should make sure they 'support and challenge' their staff to get the best out of them, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The body says that many of the ‘softer’ skills such as communication are learnt on-the-job, through experience.

Martyn Sloman, learning and development adviser for the CIPD, comments that negotiation, working laterally and management skills can be developed through encouragement from business owners.

He believes that employers can help their staff through offering feedback and individual coaching from line managers to help cope with different requirements.

‘The workplace is changing quite a bit. The routine processing type of work is disappearing and people are being expected to use far more of their initiative,’ Sloman adds.

Educational expert Michael Arthur told the Yorkshire Post the new vocational diplomas being introduced into schools next month will help give school leavers these types of skills as they will already have been given some work-based training.

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