Sara Pomfret on setting up her home furnishing business Raines & Willow

Sara Pomfret set up her home furnishing business, Raines &Willow, earlier this year with her father, David Brown. It's already making a profit.

Why did you start a business?

I worked as a buyer for Harrods and The White Company. Over the years, I had built up a really good base of UK suppliers. I reached a point where it made sense to set up my own company.

How have you marketed it?

Advertising within local newspapers and home interiors magazines has been good. I’ve just started to develop marketing through the internet. I had put it off but I now have a web designer who is going to improve our website’s page ranking.

Who buys your products?

We use high-quality materials and manufacture the items in the UK. It’s people – usually women – with lots of money who are happy to spend £2,000 on a mattress.

Is there enough support for start-ups?

Not that I can see. Maybe I could have looked harder but there doesn’t appear to be any support. It’s been trial and error mostly for me, but that’s where my dad has been very helpful. He has the experience and knows what to do on the legal side.

How did you finance the company?

It’s completely self-funded. Looking ahead, I have no desire to go elsewhere for financing – my plan is to keep winning customers and grow the business.

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