Does stationery wreak havoc in your workplace

Nearly a quarter of employees admit to stealing items of stationery, while millions of workers incur stationery-related injuries, new study reveals.

Office Genie’s online research finds that seemingly simple stationery is causing all manner of issues in Britain’s workplaces. The data calculated millions fall victim to injuries and just under a quarter of staff (24 per cent) are pinching items from under their bosses’ noses.

Yet these problems may not even exist in the next ten or more years if stationery becomes redundant in the modern workplace, as 48 per cent of people think it will.

The East of England has the biggest culprits when it comes to workplace theft, with 34 per cent admitting to it – they also had the highest rate for stationery-induced injuries at 16 per cent! Workers in Wales are the least likely to partake in stealing items of stationery: joint with the East Midlands at 17 per cent.

In terms of industry, a whopping 45 per cent of people in the creative sector have stolen items, making them the worst offenders. Comparatively and perhaps not surprisingly, only 19 per cent of law professionals said they had stolen stationery – the lowest on the list after the Energy and Utilities sector (ten per cent).

Those that admit to stealing stationery do it in spite of thinking there could be a number of outcomes, ranging from minor to major. While 33 per cent think nothing would occur as a result, the majority think it could lead to a warning from their employer (53 per cent). Formal disciplinary procedures (21 per cent), being fired (13 per cent), and even a criminal prosecution (seven per cent) are also conceivable consequences.

The five most common items to steal are: pens, envelopes, Post-Its, markers/highlighters, and sticky tape.

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