Strategies for SEO link building

Here, we look at why it's so important for SEO aspirants and veterans alike to provide top tier solutions in terms of links.

It is widely considered a waste of potential to currently operate within the SEO spectrum without utilising SEO link building strategies. If you overlook valuable assets, you will undoubtedly earn less than what you could. According to many professionals, it is essential that SEO aspirants and veterans alike adapt to the ever shifting tides of the SEO landscape so that they are able to provide top tier solutions in terms of links, and also in large numbers. Applying valuable philosophic values to your own take will prove critical in your link setup campaign. Before we get into all that, however, let’s take a look at what link building can be defined as, just so we’re all on the same page.

Link building

Link building refers to the process of incorporating links that lead to a website into other websites. The more links across the web that lead to your site you have, the higher up the ladder your website goes on Google’s (or any search engine for that matter) ranking system. The ranking system Google uses is what determines how high up or far down the search result list your website ends up being, and this system takes links into account. Through crawling, which is the term used to describe how Google checks out websites from links within other websites, the search engine is able to identify and index the linked site.

Now that we have a better understanding on what SEO link building is, let’s take a look at the best types of link building there are, and which you should try to implement yourself.

Link building through outreaching to a point of influence

What this type of link building boils down to is the fact that your website needs links to boost its search engine rankings. To do this, you must be ready to reach out to influential websites, blogs or other means of content delivery that might be able to promote your website.

There are several things you need to keep in mind here. The first one is that a smart influencer will risk their integrity or image by promoting something that will make them look like a sellout or even worse, something that will destroy their relationship with their following. Those that benefit from a large following usually have achieved those numbers after long periods of working towards that goal. This is not meant to sound as if your website is bad. But it might be bad for specific influencers since it doesn’t help that following in any positive manner If you want your link promoted you will need to appeal to parties that could actually benefit from your content.

Link building through SEO packages

This link building techniques stomps out a large portion of the grinding aspect of link building and provides your website with a fast way of advancing through the search engine ranks. You could say that you are buying a boost, as that is exactly what happens when you appeal to SEO package services. By acquiring a fully outsourced monthly SEO package, you can attempt to provide your website with a growth in ranking while skipping a lot of the process that goes on from when you start climbing the ranks to when you advance high enough.

Link building through natural exposure

This one might give you a strong vibe of ‘do nothing’, but it’s pretty much the opposite. Link building through natural exposure refers to people naturally sharing and promoting your link without you reaching out or otherwise. This happens when your content is of high quality and relevant entities promote it as what is referred to as an editorial link. To make it even simpler, if you do a fantastic jobs, the chances of you getting recognised by a publication or similar means of content delivery will increase. This is one of the top ways of link exposure. Since it’s done solely because the influencer appreciates your work, it transmits a strong message that leads people towards your website. Since this occurs naturally, all you can do in this regard is make sure you provide consistent and constant top notch content.

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Ben Lobel

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