Tax liabilities when selling a business?

I'm approaching retirement and looking to sell my business. Will there be taxes to pay?

Normally any profit on selling will be subject to capital gains tax – the first £7,100 of gains each year will always be exempt.CGT is normally charged at your top rate of income tax, but this rate falls the longer you have had the business.

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All in the planning

Hugo Haddon-Grant is managing director of Cavendish Corporate Finance, which advises vendors. He says many owner-managers could benefit from better organisation and forethought. ‘Often an owner comes to us and says: “I’d like to sell this business yesterday.” That is often a mistake. If you plan a sale a year in advance, there’s a lot you can do to polish up and position a business in order to add value and make it easier to sell too,’ says Haddon-Grant.

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