How team bonding in the Christmas buildup can increase productivity

In the workplace, preparing for Christmas can help bond a stronger team, improve productivity and motivate staff.

British high streets are twinkling, signalling the start of the season of goodwill. The battle of the ads bounced onto our screens with John Lewis’ trampolining dog and woodland creatures and Aldi’s adorable carrot bizarrely climbing over Christmas dinner the night before.

Chocolate is disappearing from advent calendars daily – unless you scoffed it all in November!

In the workplace, preparing for Christmas can help bond a stronger team, improve productivity and motivate staff.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is one of those small but inclusive events, with the potential to pull anyone’s name out of the hat.

If you happen to get someone that you are not familiar with, this is the perfect time to find out more.

When presents are exchanged it’s time to guess who in the office knew what to buy – or got it horribly wrong – whilst laughing at the silly and somewhat rude presents others have received.

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Fa lalalala, lala la la…

Whether you have a couple of apprentices or a specified team to put up the Christmas decorations, slotting Branch A into Gap A, weaving the tinsel and fairy lights all the way round and placing the fairy or star on the top, nothing gets staff working better together than navigating the Christmas tree instructions.

The sudden appearance of the office Christmas decorations can get everyone in the seasonal mood and lead to talk of the festive period.

Christmas Chatter

Before December 25th everyone will be making plans with their family and friends. Taking the time to ask colleagues what they are arranging, allows an insight into co-workers lives and how they prefer to spend Christmas, creating camaraderie.

Come New Year there’ll be stories to share.

Talking openly about Christmas can make communication in your team a more natural process making everyday tasks within the workplace easier.

Work’s Christmas Party

Preparation can bring a team of people closer together but the Christmas do itself is a good way to relax with colleagues. It is one of the times you can get different departments to socialise easily.

At their peak this week, the Christmas party enables memories to be made together and helps the team bond as you view your colleagues differently and see the management as human too!

Even Scrooge has a positive outlook

If your staff are not feeling the Christmas mood, they can’t deny that they are looking forward to some time off. A forthcoming holiday will put anyone in a good mood!

The refuelling principle is when you are able to get more done by taking a step back and recharging your mind and body. After the Christmas break, your staff should be at their most productive as they have had time to relax, socialise and prepare for the year ahead.


Christmas is the best time of year for employees to be more involved within the company and socialise with each other. Bonding on a more personal level can help strengthen communication within the workplace helping to raise morale and productivity.

What are your office’s plans for Christmas this year? Will you be partaking in Secret Santa or did you attend the annual Christmas party? Let us know.

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