The ten deadly interview sins

Ever been rejected from a role you desperately wanted? Then it may have been because you committed one of these ten deadly interview sins.

Ever been rejected from a role you desperately wanted? Then it may have been because you committed one of these ten deadly interview sins.

The experts behind have put together a list of the worst things you can do to turn off a potential employer from hiring you.

It includes things like having poor personal hygiene, being dressed inappropriately and having a limp handshake.

And being under-prepared, not asking any questions and making no eye contact are also featured on the sin list.

Chris Meredith, CEO of says, ‘Making a good first impression is vital to having a successful interview.

‘You need to show your passion and commitment to the role. And doing this means being as prepared as possible.

‘If you desperately want the job, then you need to show it. Put 100% commitment into your interview and it’ll pay off.’

These are the 10 deadly interview sins:

Unprofessional social media pages

Having inappropriate social media pages is something you should always avoid as a job seeker. Make sure they are clean and professional-looking and remove anything you wouldn’t want your potential boss or colleague to see. Swearing, ranting and inappropriate pictures are always things to avoid.

Poor personal hygiene

Bad body odour is one thing that can really put a future employer off hiring you. Always make sure you look pristine before an interview. Have a good wash and make sure your clothes are clean and stain free.

Dressed inappropriately

The words ‘dress for success’ come to mind when you are heading to an interview. The general rule is to dress in a conservative fashion, with polished shoes and well-groomed hair.

Bad handshake

One thing that can put an employer off is a limp or unsure handshake. Be confident when shaking your future employers hand. Have a good grip and make strong eye contact.


We all get the jitters before interviews, but don’t let your face and body language show it. Sit up straight, with uncrossed arms and a big smile. The last thing you want to do is make your interviewer think that you are too nervous for a role, especially if it’s one where confidence is a must.


Whilst it’s important to not look nervous, it’s also important to refrain from being over-confident. Acting as if you’re bigger or better than the company you’ve applied to work for is a definite no.

Flirting with the interviewer

This may sound crazy, but we have come across a few instances where potential employees have been rejected from the job because they were flirting with the interviewer. This is a big no.

Doing no research

Always do extensive research on the company before you attend an interview. Another good thing to do is research the people who will be interviewing you. Displaying good knowledge about someone’s professional background gives a great first impression.

Inability to make eye contact

Not making eye contact with the interviewer can make it seem like you don’t care about the role. A firm look will reflect your professionalism, as well as your passion for the job.

Not asking questions

Remember to ask plenty of intelligent questions about the job and the industry, to show that you are interested in the role. Asking questions will also determine whether the company would be right for you as an individual.

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