Tenon Forum: SME owners cynical about Olympics

Entrepreneurs are cynical about the benefits the 2012 Olympic Games, with only one in ten believing the event will be a boost to their business, a poll finds.

According to the survey of small business owners, commissioned by think tank the Tenon Forum and carried out by YouGov, a further 15 per cent of those questioned believe the Games will have a negative effect on their firms – more than thought it would be positive.

In addition, some 71 per cent think the 2012 Games will have no effect on the profits of their firms.

Michaela Johns, director of business services at Tenon, comments that the event can be exploited to boost the profits and profile of small businesses around the country.

She says: ‘We would urge entrepreneurs to start thinking creatively now about the potential for their businesses.’

The expert praises the business acumen of China’s entrepreneurs who have actively sought ideas to make money from the Beijing Games.

According to Peter Foster, the Telegraph’s correspondent in Beijing, businesspeople should also regard the Olympics as ‘the ultimate networking opportunity’.

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