The top 10 hottest products for 2022

Unlock new possibilities for your business this year

From fads to frenzies, consumers are constantly on the look-out for the next exciting, unique and imaginative product. This sustained interest from explorative consumers presents significant opportunities for businesses to tap into.

This month, to connect business buyers and sellers,, the leading B2B marketplace with more than 200m products from over 200,000 suppliers, is hosting its global virtual trade event.

During the month-long, online only trade event, will help unlock new possibilities for business buyers by providing better access to new and trendy products with guaranteed on-time delivery. This includes hundreds of thousands of new products across four key consumer trends: Sustainability, Smart, Lifestyle, and Health. Products within these trends are growing exponentially on with new products being added at least five times the rate of’s general product pool during the last three months of 2021.

To provide peace of mind, March Expo will also offer opportunities for business buyers to connect with quality suppliers who will showcase their factories through thousands of live-streaming and VR show rooms. Meanwhile, buyers will also benefit from numerous on-the-spot supplier discounts. The goal is to help buyers better leverage global ecommerce and, ultimately, to increase margins and grow their business.

From the four key consumer trends this year, analysed real transaction data to unveil its “Trending NEXT top 50 product list.” This will enable buyers to gain insights into sourcing trends and better position themselves to spend less and sell more. Check out the top highlights from the product list below:

1. Electric scooters

Eco-friendly foldable electric scooters which feature removable lithium battery and LED headlight to offer an all-around convenient and safe riding experience.

2. Automatic water taps

Touchless automatic water taps are a convenient hygiene solution which meets heightened health concerns driven by the pandemic.

3. Whirlpool spa baths

Intelligent whirlpool spa baths featuring intelligent lighting, music, and massage functions for a complete relaxation experience. 

4. Electric recliners

Strong and powerful motorized recliners with automatic adjustment, particularly suitable for the elderly population.

5. Smart fitness mirrors

Popularized by the recent healthy lifestyle trend, smart fitness mirrors support interactive displays and wireless app control for easy fitness monitoring.

6. Biodegradable straws

Biodegradable sugarcane fibre straws for juice, soda drinks, and more.

7. Smart pillows

Intelligent and multifunctional anti-snore memory foam pillows.

8. Organic skin serums

Mini-sized travel friendly organic skin serums made using fruit ingredients with a smooth texture, suitable for moisturizing and clearing the skin.

9. Posture correctors

Comfortable posture correctors for adjusting backs and shoulders and relieving fatigue after long working or standing hours.

10. Ecofriendly yoga mats

Yoga mats made with eco-friendly TPE material which offer a non-slip texture for improved grip and traction when in use.

March Expo is live on from 1 – 31 March 2022 and offers livestream and virtual reality events, on-the-spot supplier discounts, and other exciting initiatives that can level up your business this year.

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