The top six benefits of running a business from home

Here are the results of a recent survey asking small company owners what they value most about working from home.

Running a business from home is a very popular option for many of the UK’s workforce, and for good reason.

The flexibility, freedom, negligible commute and lack of office politics are all important benefits to business owners who choose to work from home.

As part of a recent survey conducted by Reed Commercial, 400 workers were asked about the benefits of home working, and two thirds of the respondents run their own business from their home.

Let’s look at this demographic now and the top six benefits of running a business from home that they identified:

1. Flexibility

More than half of the respondents name ‘flexibility’ as a core benefit of running their business from their home. This includes the ability to work your own hours (as your home office never shuts), the ability to choose work that interests you and manage your own workload.

2. No commute

More than one third of respondents are also happy to ditch the daily commute because of the time and cost savings of cutting out regular travelling time. This, in turn, improves productivity and reduces stress levels, according to the respondents.

3. Better work/life balance

An improved work-life balance is a key reason for almost one quarter of respondents to set up shop in their home.

Finding time for family is a popular reason given as respondents find it easier to manage childcare, see their family and work around the school timetable when working from home.

Others say that this way of working suited their lifestyle, allowing them pursue other interests, exercise and do the household chores, as well as spend time with their pets.

4. Environment

One sixth of respondents enjoy the home environment when running their businesses.

Some respondents say they find the relaxing and peaceful surroundings of home improves productivity, others just like being able to wear whatever they want, and some respondents appreciate having control over their working environment, being able to open a window or turn up the heating as and when they want to, without anyone else complaining.

5. No office politics

More than one in eight respondents also love the lack of office politics that homeworking brings.

Running your own business means you are now your own boss, and that you don’t have to answer to colleagues either, according to the respondents.

6. Reduced overheads

The overheads are reduced when running a business from your home, according to one in eight respondents.

This is, in part, achieved by losing the daily commute but you also do not need to pay for a separate office space, manage multiple utility bills or worry about office maintenance, the research reveals.

The OnePoll survey also identifies a handful of additional benefits, including an increased salary and less stress, of running your business from home.

It’s clearly a popular choice and one that brings many benefits to business owners.

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Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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