The value of networking events

This is all about learning from other people who are experiencing, or have experienced, similar things to yourself. You get more from networking events if you're an active participant so get involved in debates, discussions, social events and exhibitions. Networking is valuable whether you're starting up or have been running a business for years.

You might also meet potential customers. Don’t forget that word of mouth is the most powerful form of promotion. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce website for their events, which are always a useful place to start networking.

Make it your aim to come away with at least one new contact every time you attend a networking event. You’ll build better working relationships, make contacts, obtain information and get your company ‘out there’

Tip: Use any contacts you may have to help your business. Could they add your company to their website? Can they get you a better deal on the items you’re buying? Will they help hand out cards or flyers?

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Abbey’s free day to day banking service opens door to networking

Website designer Duncan Webster, who runs near Kettering, says two things have turned his business into the success it has become since he started three years ago; free day to day banking – and free networking.

‘I’m grateful to Abbey Business because their service is free,’ he said. ‘Moving my account to them has saved me money in standard transaction charges. I decided to invest the money I’d saved in the business to business networking organisation, BNI.’

Since then Duncan hasn’t looked back and reckons he gets more than 85 per cent of his business from networking.

‘I can’t stress enough the value of networking in promoting and building up your business,’ he says.

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