Three top tips for creating an amazing promotional banner

Here are three top tips from sector experts for creating the best PVC banners for your business.

When it comes to promoting a business, a brand, an event, or simply informing the public, PVC banners remain the first choice, for many reasons.

Get the creative design of your banner right and it will be attention grabbing and informative, and pull people into your business or event.

The size and flexibility offered by a large-format PVC banner is unbeatable for the cost involved.

Versatility is an integral element of these banners, which typically come hemmed and with eyelets for easy positioning; either wall-mounted, suspended between two posts, or attached to an outdoor structure.

Multiple uses; exhibition backdrops, trade show stands, sponsorship of sporting events, promotion of special offers, sales, etc., outside business premises or a retail outlet; outdoor banner printing is able to provide sharp, crisp, vibrant banners suitable for a wide range of applications.

PVC banners can be produced in an impressive range of sizes to suit any application, and mesh banners are able to be used in even the windiest of locations without fear of ripping, or eyelets being overly strained.

So, here are the three top tips from banner design experts for creating amazing PVC banners for your business.

1. Smart use of space

It might be tempting to think about filling your banner with as much information and/or images as possible to utilise the space. However, remember that your banner(s) will be seen from a distance – so carefully consider what type of content will make the biggest and most memorable impact when someone is viewing it from the street, or from across a sports field, for example.

Experts recommend going big and bold, but keeping your message simple as the best way to grab attention and get your message across.

2. Colour cohesion

Before getting carried away with the latest and trendiest colours, consider your brand, logo and existing colour schemes associated with your business. Create a degree of colour cohesion with selected use of contrasting colours which already form part of your business logo, marketing or advertising material.

Also consider the location in which the banner will be displayed – what colour is the background? Green tress? Grey concrete? Make sure your banner will pop against the backdrop of the environment where it will be displayed.

3. Get to the point – FAST!

A banner is not a brochure, or leaflet, or even a flyer – keep your word count down to around eight to 12 words that clearly get your message across. Being clear about your message and making it short and to the point are two key recommendations for a successful large-scale banner. Passers-by should be able to view your banner and understand the message instantly; they won’t want to ‘read’ a long wordy banner – so get straight to the point!

So, with these three tips in mind, how creative can you get with your own PVC banner? What message or image would really pull people in to learn more about your brand or business? Have fun creating your own amazing promotional banner to help grow your business or brand.

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