Time is of the essence

Only 64 per cent of British people feel they make the most of their time, according to a new MORI poll conducted for Vodafone UK, leaving more than a third needing to work on their time management skills.

The survey asked more than 13,000 individuals across 13 countries to identify how they use their time and why it is often wasted. UK workers ranked more holidays, flexible working arrangements or a better balance between work and home lifestyles as the top three things that would help them make the most of their time. Only 17 per cent said the same about a cut in paperwork.

The stereotype that women are more organised than men also seems to be borne out by the results, with 47 per cent of women saying they plan most things in work compared to only 37 per cent of men.

In total, 21 per cent of those surveyed in the UK say they waste time on the wrong things or not knowing what to do. Being organised and informed is seen by a quarter of UK people surveyed as the most important factor to overcoming this uncertainty, with positive attitude to life coming a close second.

Family would be the first to benefit from this sought-after extra time, with one in three respondents saying if they had a weekday free from commitments, they’d spend it with loved ones. A particularly conscientious one per cent said they would spend the extra time working. The survey results also indicate that one in five workers in the UK seldom or never take their full annual leave entitlement.

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