Top 5 project management software providers for UK small businesses

Looking for a new project management software provider for your UK small business? Here are 5 project management software providers to choose from

Check out this list of the top 5 project management software providers for UK small businesses in 2021.


How is this top 5 composed?

These project management software providers are selected based on the business type for which they were developed, (expert) reviews and the possibilities and functions.

Important functions include placing workflow tools in one location, easy documentation and budget tracking. The start-up time, ease of use and support were examined in the expert reviews.

Choice for project management software: what should I take into account?

The range of project management providers is wide. How do you make a wise choice? There are a number of things that you have to take into account when choosing.

1. Your project management team

Understanding the capabilities of your team is necessary when choosing the right project management tool. Small, autonomous and organised teams have different needs then bigger teams that work on big and more complex projects. Map out the requirements of your project team(s) first!

2. Project management method

Is your team working in an agile way or are they working according to the lean principle? Some tools are better suited for the former or the latter. So define which methods are used by your teams to make a better choice.

3. Your budget

Usually you pay about 10 to 30 euros per month for a good project management system. For a more complex system in which, for example, you also do time tracking, budgeting and team scheduling you can look at an SME project management provider.

4. Integration with other software

Do you also use software for, for example, team scheduling and time tracking or do you keep track of your customer contacts in a CRM package? If so, you could see if integration of both systems is possible. That makes it much more efficient and convenient.

Important functions

In addition to the above, you can select a project management system based on the functions that are important to you. For example, think of:

  • Any cloud-based solutions
  • Place workflow tools in one location
  • Collaboration
  • Easy documentation
  • Budget tracking

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