Top five businesses to buy right now

Here, Paulyne Karahassan explores the sectors that you should consider if looking to buy a business.

When making the decision to buy a business, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is the sustainability and popularity of the sector.

So, what is trending at the moment and is there growth and development in that industry?

There is always a reason for a surge in popularity in business sectors so here are your top five trending businesses to invest in this year and why.

Camping and caravan parks

It wasn’t too long ago that camping and caravan parks were associated with awkward and uncomfortable family getaways.

It is no surprise that the industry needed an overhaul, and now that time has come.

Since the rise in unique and kitsch accommodation, ‘glamping’ has put this industry back on the map.

Not only that, it has allowed it to appeal to a whole new customer base of younger campers, many of whom camping didn’t appeal to previously.

Thanks now to having the option of camping in anything from a gypsy carriage to a RAF Helicopter, UK camping has reached a renaissance meaning that this is the ideal time to enter the industry.

Guest houses

Guest houses are one of the top businesses to buy

This is a popular time for city breaks or long-weekend getaways. And with companies such as Airbnb offering affordable and more flexible accommodation, vacationers long for a home away from home.

Guest houses have provided this type of accommodation for many years and pride themselves on providing home comforts, but at the same time still offering the high standard of services of a hotel or resort.

This surge in demand for guest houses has also seen entrepreneurs wanting to join in on the trend and buy and nurture their own guest house.

Internet businesses

The internet keeps advancing and becoming more reliable, and online shopping is all the more prominent with delivery services becoming faster and faster, such as Amazon’s two-hour delivery service Prime Now.

Not only have internet businesses increased in speed but also in the variety of products on offer. Online food shopping and even mystery boxes have never been so popular, so it is no surprise that many want to be part of where the online industry could possibly go next.


There could be many reasons why there is an increased interest in pubs for sale in the UK in 2018 – especially with more pub closures than ever in the last few years.

Our love for the ol’ British pub hasn’t demised, however. The average Briton still carries a strong torch for having a pub on every corner, and this may be the reason behind an added interest in entering the publican sector.

With a love for pubs comes a passion to keep them alive, so with many pubs closing down, aspiring entrepreneurs want to step in and takeover just to keep our pubs alive and build a legacy for themselves and the sector.

Petrol stations

Petrol stations are another popular business to buy

Despite the substantial growth in electric cars, the petrol station sector continues to stay strong and entrepreneurs are seeing that too.

BP have even begun to install charging points at a selection of their locations, which means that even a decrease in petrol consumption won’t mean the end of the petrol station forecourts.

More people are travelling domestically and taking more frequent getaways – this means that more are finding a need to own a car. Thanks to Uber’s convenience and reliability, taxis are now far more popular than ever, meaning less reason to take public transport with a slightly more luxurious form of travel more affordable.

With this rise in taxis and domestic travel comes more cars on the road and more of a need for petrol stations to appear frequently on your travels.

By Paulyne Karahassan , head of content. Paulyne has produced regular videos and editorial for many years with small businesses, franchises and industry professionals for all titles in the Dynamis stable including, and

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