Tradespeople put happiness down to the flexibility of mobile working

More than 90 per cent of tradespeople are happy in their jobs, with the majority putting it down to the flexibility of mobile working, research finds.

Some 91 per cent of mobile working tradespeople are happy in their jobs, with 50 per cent of these claiming they are very happy, according to a study by IronmongeryDirect.

Tradespeople state that flexible working (61 per cent) and increased productivity (28 per cent) are the biggest benefits of mobile working, with 98 per cent of respondents saying they are happy with the amount of flexibility their job provides.

When asked what they enjoy most about mobile working, the majority (62 per cent) say they like having flexibility over the hours they work; 42 per cent also take satisfaction in the fact they are trusted to do their job independently.

Some tradesmen prefer mobile working over being confined to an office as 23 per cent say it helps them to work better as there are fewer distractions than in an office environment, and a fifth say it ensures they don’t get caught up in office politics.

Some 16 per cent say mobile working helps them to work with their team more easily.

The report also finds that nearly four fifths of trade professionals (79 per cent) believe that mobile working adds to productivity and improves their job performance.

The study of 500 mobile working tradespeople and 500 non-mobile workers in the UK was undertaken to find out the benefits of mobile working and how technology is impacting on people’s work, and whether it is driving productivity.

While the majority of tradespeople (91 per cent) are very happy in their jobs, this contrasts with 62 per cent of non-mobile workers who say they are happy, and just 24 per cent very happy.

In addition, 90 per cent of tradespeople say they are happier as a mobile worker than a non-mobile worker, while only 55 per cent of non-mobile workers say they are happier than being mobile.

Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director at Ironmongery Directsays,’As we spend so much of our life working, it’s encouraging to see that so many tradespeople enjoy their job. It seems that mobile working plays a major part of their happiness because it offers numerous benefits, particularly around productivity and flexibility.

‘Mobile technology is constantly evolving and it’s making it easier and easier for tradespeople to communicate with clients and management and get the job done more efficiently, making the whole process much smoother and less stressful.’

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