Tuesday seen as best day for business choices

Office workers feel Tuesday is the best day for making big decisions, research finds.

Almost one in three (32 per cent) believe it is the day they find most beneficial for making tough business choices, finds a survey by LondonOffice.com.

Wednesday and Thursday follow as the next favourites in the study of 570 respondents, with 26 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

For more than one in six, the weekend proves to be the best time for decisions, with 9 per cent choosing Saturday and 7 per cent opting for Sunday.

Mondays prove to be less popular with office workers as only one in 20 (5 per cent), make it their top choice.

The vast majority of workers reject Friday as the best day to make business decisions with only 3 per cent choosing it.

One city worker who took part in the poll comments, ‘Tuesday is by far and away the best to make decisions.

‘Monday is usually manic as you’re preparing yourself for the week ahead and by Wednesday afternoon, the weekend is insight and you get a definite sense that things have peaked.’

However, one businesswoman disagrees: ‘For me the weekends are the best time to make the decisions as your mind is not clouded by what’s going on in the office.

‘As soon as I get to my desk on Monday morning I am constantly dealing with emails and other things getting fired my way. Therefore it is not at all sensible that I make big decisions when my mind is focused on other things.’

Another office worker says, ‘My line of work involves me making snap decisions all the time and I find that as the working week progresses the process of making these decisions gets easier and easier.

‘So for me, Thursday and Friday are definitely up there in terms of my favourite decision making days.’

A spokesman for LondonOffices.com comments, ‘Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of choice when it comes to which day we have to make tough decisions on, however it is interesting that so many chose Tuesday as their preferred day.

‘It is understandable why that is, on Monday you’re catching up on work from over the weekend, and come Thursday and Friday you’re winding down.

‘However, it is interesting that more than one in six chose the weekend as their top decision making days. Perhaps they find it easier to make those tough choices when away from the office environment.’

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Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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