What type of employee are you?

There will be many types of people that you will have to work with in your career. Check out this infographic to find out which type of employee you are.

You may be amazing at your job, but what kind of employee are you, this quiz will be able to take you through just that. This quiz will ask you questions such as if you are the most experienced in your company, do you enjoy responsibility etc. Please enjoy this great infographic letting you know what sort of employee you are.

The examples of employees include the friend, this person will tell them a bit about themselves the first time you meet them and will probably add you on Facebook the first time they meet you as well, just to make you feel more at home. The people pleaser, always gives you a quick compliment, agrees with everyone and will even do your work for you even though they won’t want to.

An example of a great way to help you in the workplace is if you have a good cloud HR service, this will help you and your team astronomically. Please see the infographic to maybe even take part in this quiz to see which type of employee you are.

What type of employee are you?

Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

Owen Gough

Owen was a reporter for Bonhill Group plc writing across the Smallbusiness.co.uk and Growthbusiness.co.uk titles before moving on to be a Digital Technology reporter for the Express.co.uk.

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