How to use video to grow your business in 2017

Jon Gordon, managing director at creative marketing agency The Media Group, on how you can use video to help grow your business.

Business owners are always being told that video is the most powerful online marketing asset. And I agree, it is.  Lots of people I talk to think they should be using video but they are not sure how to get the best out of it. As a result they shy away from it and stick with more familiar copy and image based content.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to create video. Whether you use a smartphone camera or a video production agency, it’s important to be strategic with your approach. Think about the reasons for using video and how it will support your wider business objectives.

Video content can support your efforts throughout your business:

sales and marketing
internal communications

It will help you to increase conversions, raise your brand awareness and present a consistent message across your channels.

Chances are that your competition is making use of video in their marketing strategy. 2017 should be the year that your business starts using video and stand out against your competitors.

Here are four ways you can use video to grow your business:

Explain why you are different

Great explainer videos tell us why you do what you do. They identify the challenges you help people overcome and they show the difference made by the benefits of your product or service. They’re a great way to grab the user’s attention.

Videos sit perfectly on a website homepage or a product landing page. A video is more likely to engage the user than a large chunk of copy. Videos keep information brief which ultimately grabs the user’s attention and engages them. They challenge viewers to want to find out more about what you do. We all know video is powerful.

It’s proven to increase conversions. According to Internet Retailer, up to 85 per cent of people are more likely to buy a product if they view an explainer video first. But only if your video tells the right story.

The key to a successful explainer video is the messaging. Keep a script concise and snappy to get your message across with clarity. Don’t be greedy with people’s time, and make sure your message comes across without relying on sound.

Build trust with customer testimonials

I run a small business myself, so I understand that testimonials are a powerful tool to build trust and help prospects to identify with you as a potential supplier. People buy from people and video adds weight to any testimonial.

Written testimonials are great – but are often unattributed and, frankly, waffle. Watching a glowing testimonial from a happy customer is a hugely powerful trust signal.

Show the human side to your business

As small businesses we have fantastic stories within our teams. And unlike our larger competitors it’s easy for us to bring these to life. People connect with stories. So as a small business use this awesome resource to create video that breaks through:

How your business started
What makes your product unique – process, technologies, innovation, etc
Your culture
Your business vision or the legacy you want to create

Video will bring these stories to life and show the human side of your business. They can be fun to shoot, show you have a personality and will help you to connect and build a rapport with your audience (and amongst your team).

Take a look at a team video we made to celebrate our 15th birthday. We had great fun making it. And we had lots of positive comments and feedback off the back of it.

Think about profiling your sales representative or team, and include the video in their email signatures. It’s a fantastic way to build a human connection and make sure you stand out from other sales approaches. It’s much easier to follow up with a phone call after a prospective client has already ‘met’ you via your video profile.

Showcase your expertise

You’re probably familiar with the phrase ‘Show, don’t tell’. Don’t tell people you’re the best at what you do. Show them in a way they will relate to. Walk them through your product. Answer some of your customers questions. Give your take on an event in the news.

Visual content provides an opportunity to build your profile and shape perceptions. It will help you to engage with prospects or enhance relationships with your existing customers.

If you plan it properly, you can run a day’s worth of filming to capture content from you or different people within your team. Minimal disruption and you’ll create a series of videos to use across your channels.

Top tip – don’t let your content sit on the shelf. Be confident and spread them around through your channels. Use your content to support or replace your traditional written comms – it’s effective, flexible and, if true to your brand and values will almost always add value to what you’re trying to say.

To conclude

In short – learn to love video. Use it effectively, speak to experts and it will bring the rewards you’re looking for.

Written by Jon Gordon, Managing Director of creative marketing agency The Media Group

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