Wage against the machine: how to future-proof your career

Existing robotic and artificial intelligence technologies are starting to eliminate a growing number of jobs, here is how you can future-proof your career.

Off the back of PwC’s news claiming that 30 per cent of UK jobs are a risk of being take over by robots and Artificial Intelligence. Job network, City Calling finds that candidates who invest in the key skills listed below will future-proof their career against the tide of automation and machines.

Existing robotic and artificial intelligence technologies are starting to eliminate a growing number of jobs and there are many theories about how this will affect the white-collar sector.

With today’s advances in technology and the added pressure of AI’s evolvement, the workplace is changing at lightning speed and it’s vital to ensure your CV keeps up pace.

We’ve found that candidates who invest in the following key skills to future-proof their CV see the greatest interest from potential employers across our site – particularly in city jobs.


This skillset has hit the mainstream in recent years with employees attending classes on their lunch breaks and dabbling in a bit of website building.

Data modeling

Not everyone can read complex software, modelling the data helps to document this in an easily understood diagram using text and symbols to represent the way data needs to flow.

Mobile application development

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own a smart device these days… This is all about setting up processes and procedures to write software for these types of devices.

Search engine marketing

Have you ever been on a certain website and then seen the same website appear as an ad a week later? Meet SEM, the new face of advertising, which tactically positions a website within search engines so you’re more likely to see it.

Software development

The process of this includes writing the code, objectives and design.

Customer service metrics

Customer loyalty has become a big thing within marketing, where schemes and cards try to increase retention. These metric measurements are used to gauge customers.

IT security

It seems that a new celebrity’s phone is being hacked on a monthly basis. Security know-how is in high demand to prevent this from happening.


A planning tool used to monitor and analyse past and present data for trends.

Computer aided design

CAD software replaces manual drafting with an automated process for design. Architects, MEPs and engineers use these frequently.

Structured query language

Put those French textbooks away and learn the language of the future, SQL, used for managing relational databases.

Machines may be the future, but for certain jobs, you still can’t beat that EI. If you don’t believe me, try talking to Siri…

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Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

Owen Gough

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