What are the HR requirements for a work area?

What are the criteria when identifying human resource requirements for a work area?

Employers are obliged to provide and maintain for the basic welfare needs of their workforce. They must provide sufficient working space of 10-11 cubic meters per employee. The temperature must be reasonable; in winter a reasonable working temperature, for sedentary work, is between 20o and 23o C. In the summer, natural or forced ventilation may be required maintain a comfortable temperature. The workplace must be adequately lit and where the work can be done seated seats must be provided.

The employees must also have access to a sufficient number of toilets and washrooms where soap, towels and toilet paper are provided. They must have somewhere secure to store outdoor clothing worn to work and any clothes they are required to wear whilst at work. If they have to change into work clothing suitable changing facilities which maintain privacy are required. Workers should also have access to clean drinking water and suitable rest areas where they can eat meals.

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