What does an IPVPN mean for your business?

Presenting the benefits of uniting geographically-diverse sites through a reliable private network.

What does an IPVPN mean for your business? Well, with an IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) you can unite geographically-diverse sites through a reliable and secured private network, satisfying all wide area networking requirements.

This solution supports fast and high volume data transfer through a choice of access technologies from basic broadband to fibre ethernet.

Secure private networking on a resilient and reliable network, is possible with this solution, supporting fast and high volume data transfer to disparate sites and homeworkers.

It’s an affordable option too, for businesses with tight cash flow. Certain operators such as TalkTalk offer a free monitoring tool and help available throughout.

Because TalkTalk’s next generation network has more exchanges than any other network provider, it can pass the economies of scale savings onto the customer. With bandwidth-related expenses predicted to grow by 15 per cent per year, optimising your network design could result in a large reduction in your costs.

The IPVPN solution gives you, the business owner, a complete choice of connectivity and resilience options including broadband, EFM and ethernet. This will help you to futureproof your network and build the reliability needed to support business critical applications.

Installation support can be a godsend for those business owners unfamiliar with the intricacies of broadband speak. High-quality installation support maintains business continuity and extensive transitioning experience goes into making the installation as quick and simple as possible.

With business grade connectivity delivered across the UK’s largest next generation network, TalkTalk Business in particular provides significant scale and reach. An IVPVN enables you to integrate your assets into the next generation data centre so customers can benefit from centralised applications for additional process improvements, even less management time and reduced overheads.

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