What is the simplest way to employ staff on a casual basis?

I am a one-man consultant/product developer and currently have more work that I can cover. What is the simplest way that I can employ staff on a casual or part time basis to help out when required?

For businesses that offer a specialist service, the current graduate field offers great opportunities. There is a demand for work placements as students attempt to make themselves more employable after finishing their degree. For the graduate, the experience is invaluable to their CV, whilst you are able to gain access to some specialist skills normally very costly for a small business.

Universities are very open to affiliations with local employers; they are keen to establish business links as it encourages participation on their courses. Emailing or telephoning the placement office of local universities and colleges with a quick pitch about what position your company can offer is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Job Centres are also a good way to get hold of interested volunteers. With the economy as it is, there is still a large number of people wanting to find work and many are now considering unpaid placements an attractive option to bolster their CV.

What employers need to remember about these types of work experience candidates is that they are not looking to act as an office junior for weeks on end. You should also ensure that the roles you are expecting people to undertake are worthwhile and benefit both the business and the volunteer. They are after all doing this to progress and so entrusting them with genuine responsibility is an important part of the process. This way once one placement has finished, other volunteers and students will want to apply for a role they hear is very worthwhile.

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