Why Poland Loves Gaming

Here, we look at the burgeoning PC gaming industry in Poland.


Poland is a country that really does love it’s PC gaming, as data collected over the last few years has shown that a staggering 98 per cent of Poles who play games do so fully or partially on a computer.

Although it’s fair to say that mobile gaming has increased in popularity as uptake in smartphones has risen, console and tablet gaming remain very much the poorer relatives in terms of use for gaming.

It’s not just video games that Poles enjoy playing either; social media-based interactive gaming is especially popular, and the online casino sector is also enjoying great increases in popularity both on PC and mobile platforms.

It is also important to bear in mind that the significance and popularity of gaming in Poland is rooted firmly upon the high quality of their domestic tech sector.

Poland has seen a considerable increase in game production companies, with at last count over 300 being registered, with particular focus on small teams developing high quality, internationally-recognised works.

This is born not just from technical proficiency in IT but also in regards to a strong and well established gaming culture, so to put it simply, Poland really likes to play games!

Nowhere is this better typified than through the online gaming and especially online casino industry, where competing operators are always looking to improve the quality of their site in order to attract more customers.

One of the leading examples would be http://www.kasyna- promocje.com/ which has demonstrated the quality that a fresh, young and technically gifted casino can offer their players; namely a world class gaming operation. Some of the larger international online casinos struggle to emulate the streamlined quality of this company, and that is simply because they have rested on their laurels while ambitious and talented teams have developed their own improved games and formats.

This leads us to the conundrum of how to monetise this huge sector, estimated to be over a third of the entire Polish population (13 million out of 35 million people) of committed and regular gamers?

The problem is that while surveys suggest that around half of gamers spend money on their hobby via physical or online purchases, this 7 million or so people only spend a very small amount per month.

It’s estimated that the average consumer game player invests only around $16/month in their hobby, which compared to world expenditure is very little, especially when taken into the context of the popularity of gaming in the country.

Of course there’s no shortage of free or ‘freemium’ games that are available to legally download and play on plenty of platforms, but even accounting for currency valuation this figure does seem to be on the low side.

Piracy will of course account for some of the content that mainly PC based gamers will enjoy, but a more notable issue is that as a whole Poles have really taken to downloading digital content from legal sources.

Furthermore it’s unlikely that the cost of games and content can be entirely accountable either as over a half of people who responded that they regularly play games are in full time employment.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this quandary over coming years as there’s no sign of any likely fall in the number of people enjoying online gaming.

What is especially interesting though is that while Poles may not be keen on laying out too much money on purchasing their content, the online casino industry is seeing a solid growth in the number of people using them and staking more deposits.

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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