Working Brits are away on business more than ever

British workers are spending more time than ever away from home on business, with one in three business travellers spending up to an entire month away from home every year without seeing friends or family.

The survey of business travel, conducted by CitySuites, also shows that the majority, 63 per cent, never have their family come to stay with them when they are away on business, despite 65 per cent of those respondents saying they’d like to have the opportunity for them to join them at evenings and weekends.

Almost half (49 per cent) admit they miss their family more than anything while away on business, while 16 per cent instead longing for their own home comforts and 9 per cent for their friends, with 4 per cent saying they miss their pet the most.

While UK workers are traditionally on the clock for an average of 36.5 hours a week, compared to 35 hours in France (Europe’s shortest) and 42 in Greece (the longest), it’s clear that more of us than ever before are constantly on the move.

Working on the road

CitySuites operations director Gavin Bailey says that being away from home for a long time is never easy, and it’s clear more of us than ever before are working on the road.

‘As our research shows, travellers long to be able to host their families and friends yet neither the hotel nor the serviced apartments market offer the flexibility, facilities and space needed.

‘In an age of unparalleled connectivity it’s easy to stay in touch but spending real quality time with loved ones is what our guests are crying out for.’

Citysuites is set to launch its first residence aimed at business travellers in Manchester in January 2017.

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