Younger workers look to leave jobs inside a year

Workers aged between 16 and 28 lack loyalty to their place of employment, finds research.

According to a study of 401 respondents by motivational consultancy Sodexo Motivation Solutions, more than half of “Generation Y” employees are looking to leave their jobs within a year.

The findings, which highlight younger people’s perceptions of working, reveal a negative perception of call centres in particular, with just 5 per cent regarding such work as exciting.

One in three would rather claim unemployment benefits than work in a call centre.

Some 46 per cent of respondents report that they are not offered any benefits aside from their salary by their current employer, with 43 per cent naming flexible working as the single most attractive job perk.

Clare Moore, communications manager at information services company Wolters Kluwer, says: ‘Employers aren’t giving payrises because in most cases they can’t afford to. Companies should look at non-financial benefits to encourage staff retention, such as improving flexible working and help make the workplace more attractive for employees.’

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