Three tips on how to make payment easier for online customers

Here are a few tips on how to make it easier for your customers to pay online.

Make it easier for your customers to pay online

Make it easier for your customers to pay online

Without us knowing, the emergence of safe and secure transactions has had a huge impact on our lives. Customers now have quick and easy ways to pay for their merchandise, often without the need to use their bank accounts and credit cards, while businesses can accept orders from a larger number of customers, even internationally. Offering the possibility for a customer to pay online is not as simple as slapping PayPal on a website, though. Offering customers the easiest way to pay is not only convenient for them but can increase conversions and sales for your business. Here are a few tips on how to make it easier for your customers to pay online.


As I said above, slapping a PayPal on a website will hardly do the trick. Even though this is a well-known fact, there are still many websites with just one payment method available – this in spite the fact that customers usually feel better about having more payment options.

Depending on the business you’re active in, you might want to offer a variety of payment options. Sometimes the leading credit cards along with a few other options, like bank transfer, will do. Other times you may want to consider other options, such as pre-paid solutions or e-wallets.

Online gaming operators like the Vegas Palms are famous for their wide variety of payment options. No wonder – the Vegas Palms has a large, international customer base, coming from many countries, with different options at hand. Aside from accepting the leading credit and debit cards and bank transfers, the Vegas Palms accepts and makes payments through e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, pre-paid options like PaySafe or toditoCash (specific to Mexico), and even vouchers like Pago Efectivo or Flexepin. This way, the gaming operator can make sure that its complete customer base from all over the world can make deposits and withdraw funds in the safest ways possible – quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

Reassurance and security

Go out of your way to reassure your customers whenever sensitive personal information is involved. Payment security is an increasingly important issue for online customers – there are too many tales of credit card information being intercepted online for them to be at ease. To avoid being seen as a less-than-secure partner, always make sure to let them know that their security has been taken care of.

Your online business should have an SSL certificate in order to be able to provide a secure connection for your customers and perhaps conform with the PCI Security standards (payment card processors usually require this option). If you do, make sure to let your customers know about it.

Make errors easy to fix

No matter how careful they are, people make mistakes when filling out forms online – sometimes they omit to fill a required field, other times they mess up the format of their email address. If they do, you need to make sure that correcting them is as hassle-free and quick as possible.

The tips for this are quite specific: instead of displaying an error message on the top of the page (like some checkout pages do) you’d better put them right next to the field that’s affected by the error. Besides, try not to clear the form so your customers don’t have to repeatedly enter the same information, which can be quite frustrating.

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