What are the benefits of business broadband?

Business broadband offers a host of advantages over standard domestic connections, here’s why you should be considering an upgrade

Most of us have encountered the following scenario: you arrive at work in the morning to find colleagues twiddling their thumbs. You ask what the problem is and receive the time-honoured answer, ‘the internet’s down’.

Broadband outage is a problem that can wreck your working day; it’s up there with cancelled meetings or a rampant flu bug. But now there is a solution which many small businesses can take advantage of, whether based in a hairdresser, restaurant, café, newsagent or another small business workspace: business broadband.

And with business broadband comes a variety of features that you don’t usually get with standard packages, such as “always-on” internet. This, as the name suggests, protects organisations from the scourge of downtime by providing continuous digital access even when connectivity glitches are occurring.

It does this by automatically switching to a back-up 4G mobile connection, meaning a network outage which once brought work to a standstill is barely even noticeable. With Sky Connect, 4G back-up keeps your key devices running during an outage, so disruption is minimised.

Sky Connect’s business broadband is the only business-grade internet backup service aimed at small businesses, offering organisations the peace of mind to grow without digital disruptions.

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A quick, no nonsense switch

Business broadband regularly comes with professional installation and device set-up. Simply book a time for a site visit and trained engineers will plug in your equipment, connect desktops and other devices, and ensure your hub provides the best possible Wi-Fi signal.

Experts at Sky Connect know the best way to set up your network so that it retains signal strength, even in the event of an outage, keeping your business firing on all cylinders when your competitors might grind to a halt.

For added reassurance, make certain your broadband provider offers a service level agreement (SLA), which guarantees a standard against things such as outages, downtime and missed engineer appointments.

If your provider fails to hit these targets, then the SLA should entitle you to compensation, because any broadband supplier should be prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

If, from time to time, an issue arises, it’s good to know you can talk to a real person at a helpdesk. This isn’t always the case with domestic broadband suppliers; instead your only option is to head to their website and raise a ticket, hoping that someone will get back to you soon.

With business broadband you can have someone available on the phone, with who you can discuss issues in detail and get answers in real time. Sky Connect has a service team on hand during office hours, so you can get the assistance you need, when you need it.

More value added

It’s easy to forget the important little details when signing up to a broadband contract, but these can make all the difference.

Take, for example, your IP address: with a standard contract, you login with a different one every time. But with business broadband you get a stable IP address, which is important if you run a website or access your systems remotely.

Another important element, too often overlooked, is security. Online security software protects your data from malware, phishing scams and even hackers, so it could spell the difference between running your business and being brought down by cyber criminals.

With business broadband, you should receive a higher level of protection that’s designed for the commercial world. Sky Connect gives you phishing and malware protection as standard, so there’s no need to pay for a separate software license.

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Transparent, easy to understand billing

Cash flow is a perennial business concern, and all too often businesses go bust because of unexpected costs, despite succeeding in other areas. It’s important, then, the things you buy come with a clear billing structure with no hidden surprises.  

For broadband customers, this isn’t always a guarantee. Sudden price hikes, unexpected fees or charges for extra usage often come as an unwelcome surprise; one which can lump extra pressure on your business’ outgoings.

Regardless of the package you opt for, your business broadband provider should offer a simple pricing structure that’s easy to build into your cashflow projections.

With Sky Connect, you get a promise never to increase prices within your contract timeframe, as well as a 30-day no-quibble moneyback guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Your broadband should tally with your ambition to grow your business. By adopting business broadband, you’ll benefit from more uptime, better security, clear pricing and help on hand when you need it most.

Without it, you could be hamstrung by a failed internet connection just when you need it the most. Isn’t it time you gave your business the boost it needs?

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