4 ways small businesses can become more environmentally friendly

Previously, working in an environmentally friendly office was considered an extra hassle that many businesses weren’t willing to invest the time or money in, but times have changed.

Making small changes to improve the eco-friendly way in which your business operates has never been easier or more important.

With so much time spent in the office, investing in the growth and sustainability of your business should run into every part of your operation, from the cleaning equipment you use to the impact your product or service has on the environment.

When it comes to delivering your product, or sending parcels out to your customers we can ensure everything you post continues remains aligned with your business’ environmentally friendly operation.

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Below we’ve listed out our top tips for small businesses, to help you become more environmentally friendly:

1. Turn it off

Turning off equipment when it isn’t being used can save up to 50% of the energy being used at the end of each day. Saving energy on your equipment will increase its lifespan, meaning your technology will work better for longer, and it will mean your bills will be lower as you aren’t wasting energy you don’t need.

Make sure you have a smart meter installed in your business, too, so you can monitor the amount of energy you and your team use each day. This will help you to further clean up any wastage you might be causing.

2. Clean up your act

Use biodegradable cleaning equipment for every aspect of your office cleaning, from washing up liquid to surface sprays, including personal cleaning products such as hand washes. You will be removing the use of harsh chemicals and toxins that your staff are exposed to and reduce the number of chemicals you are putting back into the environment as the products are used.

Almost all biodegradable products come in biodegradable or recycled packaging, too, meaning you are also reducing the amount of waste you send to send to land fill sites.

Use renewable energy for power

Many offices are switching to greener technologies to power their offices, from using internal energy as electricity for kettles, computers, and laptops to heating systems.

With a range of renewable technologies on offer, including hydro, wind and solar, there are several options for you to update your power supply from traditional, non-renewable power sources to a greener alternative.

Dependent on the location of your office and the size of your premises, your options may be slightly limited, but there are always changes you can make to source power from renewable sources.

4. Recycle

You might already have recycling facilities set up for paper and plastic, but why not think creatively and look into purchasing recycled furniture for your office? Second-hand furniture is both cheaper than new products and often made of higher quality materials, meaning that the recycled products you last in will be cost efficient and better for the environment as they won’t require destructive processes in their manufacturing.

Jonathan Sumner

Jon Sumner

Jonathan was the Director of Digital & Social Media at Bonhill Group plc until 2020 before moving on to become Chief Digital Officer at GRC World Forums.

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