Environmentally friendly

Articles on environmentally friendly businesses practices to help minimise negative environmental impacts while promoting ecological balance and conservation.


2m small firms don’t think cutting their carbon affects climate change

Most microbusiness owners also don't fully understand the term 'net zero' or where to go for help to reduce their carbon footprint


Dragons’ Den: Everything’s gone green – S19, ep2

This week’s show was all about green products from compostable paint trays and eco body products to real-grass indoor toilet training for puppies

Business management

Environmental checklist for small businesses

We've outlined an environmental checklist for UK small businesses to help make your company more sustainable and achieve its carbon-cutting goals.

Masterclass Series

Why you should become carbon neutral

Andrew Walsh, founder of AW Repair group and a keen diver, explains how the company has achieved its carbon neutral status


People far less likely to recycle at work than at home

A whopping 99 per cent of Brits actively recycle at home, but research reveals that their efforts go out of the window once they arrive in the workplace. Is this where we need to focus our recycling efforts?

Business management

4 ways small businesses can become more environmentally friendly

Previously, working in an environmentally friendly office was considered an extra hassle that many businesses weren’t willing to invest the time or money in, but times have changed.


Business owners still failing to make their office eco-friendly

A third of all business owners are not taking measures to make their office eco-friendly, a new study reveals.


Business owners are not taking measures to make their office eco-friendly

Nearly half of business owners spend over £1,000 on energy each month, neglecting their obligation to make an eco-friendly office.

Business management

What you can do to make your office more eco-friendly

Here's why responsible business owners should be committing to protecting and preserving the planet.

Office & home working

How you can turn your office green friendly

Office workers are being asked to do their bit for the environment and help boost the green credentials of their company.


Employees want their company to introduce more eco-friendly policies

More than one in four workers want their company to get more serious on green credentials, research finds.


SMEs mindful of environment in energy efficiency drive 

Small company owners are actively seeking to improve energy efficiency in their business, and not just for cost reasons.

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Why you need a business bank account

HSBC - Advertising feature

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

HSBC - Advertising feature

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How to create good cashflow habits

HSBC - Advertising feature

Business Technology

How to keep your small business safe online

Here's how Security Service Edge from Vodafone can help to protect your SME from ever-increasing cyber threats