5 ways you can increase revenue by using your extra space

If you're looking for easy ways to boost your revenue, Bounce has five ways that could bring in more business and broaden your customer base

SMEs have had a difficult time over the pandemic and want to boost their revenue as much as possible.

Luggage storage firm Bounce has five simple ideas to help you get more income and footfall with minimum effort.

Add a return bar service

A return bar accepts packages from the customers to ship back to the seller. They’re a point of contact for the customer – similar to the Post Office, but specifically for local businesses dealing with online returns. There are no set-up fees and it’ll encourage footfall into your establishment.

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Offer package acceptance

You could be the point of contact for the ‘sorry, we missed you’ postal slips. Accept packages on customers’ behalf and keep them safe until they can be collected. You can earn commission on every package sent to you.

Luggage storage

If you’ve got some space to spare, consider luggage storage. It could be a storeroom or a cupboard behind the reception desk – any storage space will do. You can sign up to a storage space service or a luggage storage company. Earn a commission on every bag you store and get extra cash from customers spending while they’re in your shop or café.

It’s easy and has no set-up costs and you could potentially earn an extra £250 a month, according to Bounce.

Provide bike storage

If you’ve got a lot of storage space, why not consider storing bikes too? With bike storage, you can set your own rates and it could be especially lucrative if your business is based in a busy area. You just need a bike rack or an enclosed space that you can monitor.

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Host an Amazon locker

Amazon offers a similar service to package acceptance or a courier service – they just use lockers rather than a staffed desk. Having one on or near your place of work could bring in extra business. Find out more at the Amazon Hub.

For more revenue-boosting ideas, head over to Bounce’s website.

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