An integrated software solution to suit your business needs

Here, we look at how your company can be helped by one integrated solution.

Today’s business landscape is awash with software solutions, and it can be difficult to know which ones to choose – or how many to go with to achieve the results you seek.

It may be easier to go for an integrated software solution that will allow you to share data from all departments, giving you a complete view of your business; Sage 200 offers such a service.

Sage 200 is a business management software solution which integrates financial management, customer relationship management and business intelligence software into a single solution.

The need to coordinate your business processes within one software solution is paramount in today’s world of multiple software options, and Sage 200 can help you in ways ranging from customer-facing systems, through back-office processes, to core activities such as accounting, retail/wholesale, manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer services..

There is also a cloud-based version of Sage 200, Sage 200 Online, that comes complete with the financials and commercials modules and you can add additional modules such as Project Accounting and Bill of Materials too.

The benefits are manifold; you can configure Sage 200 for your business needs, reflecting terminology and structures familiar to you. Align business processes: reduce duplication and time wastage delivering quick ROI. Keep track of your stock: make sure you know when stock is running out and when it’s available.

Also, the software allows you to manage your projects: control your costs and maximise your profits by understanding the detail of every project.

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about disruption in getting it all running. It can be functioning within a matter of days with minimum disruption to day-to-day business.

This is good to know for the time-poor company owner. Using Sage 200 to produce automated reports can give you time back to focus on the important things, like running your business. And you’ll want to improve efficiency too, which you can do by quickly spotting trends or data anomalies and identifying opportunities for growth.

A good company looks constantly for opportunities for business growth. With Sage 200, you can effectively analyse business critical information: use the powerful analytic tools to inform your decision- making and share business data widely across your organisation.

Also, with greater business insight you can use Sage’s pre-defined views, workspaces and templates to analyse key data or personalise them to see the essentials you need.

Another key perk is the possibility for remote working. Today’s workforce is less constrained to rigid working practices, and staff require freedom to work flexible hours, in locations that suit their lifestyle. Anytime, anywhere access via web browser, you can get the information you need any time on a range of supported devices.

Sage 200 webinar sessions

One of Sage’s Sage 200 experts is running a number of webinar sessions so you can choose the best time for you.

The company will introduce you to Sage 200 and the benefits it offers to SMEs like yours. Sage will give you a tour of the programme, highlight some key features in both our financial and commercial modules including data analysis and stock control, and will also take a look at some of the Sage 200 modules, showing you how you could improve the insight that you get on a daily basis.

The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes and will cover Sage 200 Online, the cloud-based solution, and also Sage 200 On premise, the desktop version of Sage 200.


Jonathan Sumner

Jon Sumner

Jonathan was the Director of Digital & Social Media at Bonhill Group plc until 2020 before moving on to become Chief Digital Officer at GRC World Forums.

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