Alan was assistant editor at Vitesse Media Plc (previous owner of smallbusiness.co.uk) before moving on to a content producer role at Reed Business Information. He has over 17 years of experience in the publishing industry and has held a number of senior writing, editing and sub-editing roles.

Business management

The challenges of working with a sibling in a small business

Lizzie Fouracre shares her experiences of working with her brother Tim, the founder of an online accounting company.

Business Ideas & Planning

Starting my own business: What do I need to know?

Here, we look at the basic considerations to reflect on before starting up.


Playing up to national stereotypes in brand marketing

Joe Cox discusses how best to judge the portrayal of nationality when it comes to promoting your product.

Finding and selling to customers

The three keys to driving sales conversions online

Here, we look at some pointers to ensuring a successful rate of sales conversion.

Business management

B&B health and safety risks and how to prevent them 

Here, we look at the key health and safety considerations to be aware of to prevent lawsuits and legal issues for a B&B or small hotel hospitality business.

Office & home working

Poor health is impacting performance of employee

I am genuinely concerned at the poor health of one of my employees. He constantly eats junk food and binge drinks and this is having a negative impact on his attendance. Can I intervene and what assistance should I provide?

Business management

How temporarily switching employee roles can help your business

Here's how Tracy Ewen, managing director of IGF Invoice Finance, swapped roles with an employee in the mail room and gained a greater understanding of the various parts of her business.


Saving money on business vehicles

Here, we look at the benefits of leasing a business vehicle over buying.

Export & Import

Why UKTI is your passport to exporting success

Here, we look at the benefits of the UKTI's Passport to Export service, which gives small companies resources to help with international trade.

Business Ideas & Planning

Five ways to disrupt a stagnant industry

Here, Jonathan Russell of SaaS company Bizdaq presents a guide to help small business owners make the leap to becoming a disruptive business.

Business Ideas & Planning

Tips and tricks for the business paths less travelled 

Here, we look at why a niche business might be a viable option.


Six tips for being productive while travelling on business

Here, we look at some top pointers for working effectively on the move.