Booking meeting rooms is the biggest frustration of the working day

Booking meeting rooms is the most annoying part of the average Brit's day-to-day work.

Booking meeting rooms is the biggest frustration Brits face in their working day.

RedstoneConnect reveals that 77 per cent of UK workers get vexed when it comes to finding that elusive meeting space.

Asking colleagues to leave the room they’d booked proves to be the most annoying part of the process, with booking the room and getting the phone or computer in the room to actually work following close behind.

The process of booking the rooms in itself is incredibly time-consuming. In fact, a third of workers say that they spend more than 30 minutes a week trying to secure meeting room space.

Most people use Outlook to reserve rooms but 70 per cent agree that the system is woefully inadequate.

Kicking colleagues out of meeting rooms 

Going against our conflict-averse nature, less than a third (23 per cent) of Brits feel embarrassed about kicking out colleagues who have stolen their pre-booked meeting room, with 71 per cent having to ask colleagues to leave rooms more than three times a week.

It causes headaches for staff across the country, with 43 per cent of people revealing that it significantly hinders their productivity at work.

Mark Braund, CEO of RedStoneConnect, says people tend to book spaces without using them which leads to the inaccurate perception that there aren’t enough rooms for the staff’s needs.

He says, ‘We need to provide the technological infrastructure that supports agile working where individuals are able to work wherever suits at that time.

‘With new platforms that help visualise what space and assets are available at any time, staff can make the most of their environment, rather than not using a room because it has been “booked”‘.

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