Businesses are not measuring their social media marketing efforts

Businesses are failing to measure their social media marketing efforts regularly, according to new research.

Nearly nine in ten businesses aren’t measuring their social media marketing efforts, according to new research from web design and marketing agency, Digimax.

However, nearly all of the businesses surveyed had at least one social media account. Facebook is once again the leading platform in terms of popularity and user reach as 52.48 per cent of all businesses report an increase in Facebook spend or activity.

Instagram also sees an increase in adoption from businesses with 15.33 per cent. One of the big three, Twitter has however lost some of its share and just 9.6 per cent of businesses report an increase in activity on the platform. Newer platform Snapchat had an increase of 6.13 per cent.

When it comes to managing social media channels, the cadence of posts and interactions varies, as few as only 8 per cent of business account users update more than once a day, the time consuming nature of managing your social media accounts appears to be a hinderance to many businesses.

More than a third update their channels every other day, 18 per cent of businesses update on a weekly basis, with a further 14 per cent updating once a fortnight. 7 per cent of businesses only update once a month or less.

If you are successfully using social media, you should be measuring it. This seems to be a simple step that many businesses overlook as 86 per cent of businesses say they were not measuring their social media marketing efforts at all.

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Shaz Memon, creative director at Digimax, thinks that, with over 2 billion social media users worldwide and with such a wide variety of different platforms to choose from, it’s no wonder it can be daunting to try and make social media a successful marketing tool for your business.

Memon adds, ‘Using Social media may be a quick way to increase your brand awareness, but learning how to really master social media marketing can be anything but an easy fix.

‘In order for brands to create a strong media presence by interacting with their customers online, they need to be creating regular campaigns, engaging regularly and measuring the results of those campaigns.

‘Learning what resonates with your audience opens up the opportunity to start conversations, grow business partnerships and expand the online community to win new followers and potential customers.’

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