Does your business need IT refresher training?

This article explores the need for businesses to stay up to date with the latest IT technology and threats in businesses. From cyber security to meeting the latest regulations and more, this is an insightful article that discusses the advantages of refreshing your work force with up to date IT training.

Setting aside time for IT refresher training can easily become one of those tasks that gets neglected but it’s a worthwhile exercise if you want to keep your business relevant.

Employing staff who are confident using IT can give you a real competitive advantage nowadays.

IT is also one of those areas where new developments are common, so it is likely that refresher training will give you the chance to improve how your business operates. Managed service provider Air IT explains the advantages of refresher training in your business…

Increasing productivity

Giving employees the chance to brush up on their IT skills means they will be able to work more efficiently and be more productive.

But holding a one-off training session may not be enough to help staff get to grips with new IT skills. They may benefit from a further training session once they have had time to use the technology for themselves.

The refresher training session could focus on areas they may be struggling with. So, to give them the most value from the session, be sure to ask for their feedback beforehand.

By tailoring the session to their needs you’ll help make their lives easier, which they will appreciate and in turn your business will benefit too. People’s roles may have changed too, or you may have new employees who would benefit from the training.

Taking advantage of the latest technology

Failing to adopt new technology could make you miss out on the opportunity to improve your business processes.

Technology can be used to improve various aspects of running a business from how staff communicate with one another to automating time consuming tasks.

It can take a while for staff to adapt to new systems, so it is worth holding refresher training to make sure you are getting the most from the technology you have invested in.

Staff will be more likely to accept new technology if they know they will get the training they need to support them through the transition.

Staying compliant with regulation

You may also want to carry out refresher IT training to let staff know about new regulations that are relevant to them. Providing training on developments like the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is essential because the repercussions of failing to do so can have a real impact on your business.

The GDPR regulation comes into force in May this year and businesses need to make sure their staff understand how the changes will impact their role.

Some developments can be complex too, so you want to make sure staff get sufficient training.

Keeping on top of your cyber security

Cyber security is continually evolving as online crime gets more sophisticated.

So, this is one area of IT training you can’t afford to fall behind on because you will leave your business vulnerable to criminal attacks. Don’t wait until you experience a breach before prioritising cyber security training because the consequences of a security breach can be far reaching. Your sensitive business data may end up in the wrong hands, or you may even find crucial operations grind to a halt.

Staff play an important role in keeping businesses safe online and taking measures like using anti-viral software is not enough. A survey of 1,735 global executives, information security managers and IT leaders found that 74 per cent saw careless employees as the most likely source of a cyber attack.

Even if you have previously carried out cyber security training, people can get complacent and slip back into old habits, so it’s worth reinforcing the message.


Holding an IT refresher training session is a simple way to invest in your employees’ professional development and make sure your business is operating efficiently too.

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