Customer reviews: Who shares their business experiences?

Women and movie fans are the most likely to submit their thoughts and feedback about businesses online, according to new research.

Movie lovers beat travel buffs and news junkies to the top spot as the most likely to air their opinions via customer reviews, according to research conducted by ratings and reviews platform, Feefo.

The company analysed more than 446,000 reviews to identify certain trends about the people who are most likely to share their thoughts on their experiences.

According to the resulting study, some 58 per cent of reviews are left by women and, although the time spent leaving reviews were similar, women also spend four seconds longer than men; coming in at 2 minutes 3 seconds, compared to 1 minute 59 seconds.

In terms of the age of those who leave the reviews, 25-34 year olds are most vocal with 23 per cent of the reviews left by people in that age category.

They are followed by 35-44 year olds, accounting for 20 per cent, and 45-44 year olds at 18 per cent.

The youngest group, aged 18-24, are least likely to leave a review, offering just 10 per cent of the reviews.

Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo says that the insights are helping the company to understand more about its client’s customers. ‘While we work closely with our merchants, and understand their needs from a business perspective, we are always keen to understand the behaviour of their customers more – and these insights are helping,’ he says.

Useful feedback for businesses

The research has shed some light on who it is that responds to review requests, and these are the people who will be shaping the future of these businesses, adds Mabbutt. ‘By providing feedback, whether good or bad, businesses are able to understand what they are doing well, what needs improvement and what the market wants. The information this demographic is providing is crucial to the running of any successful business.’

Saj Devshi, founder of says that customer reviews changed the face of his business and reviews are now implemented across his entire website. ‘The first thing you see when you land on our business site is all the customer reviews in the form of picture reviews,’ he says.

Written reviews had a significant impact and when Devshi noticed this difference he then implemented picture testimonial reviews from his customers.

‘This simple change of implementing customer reviews a little differently through pictures established our revision site across hundreds of schools giving us social proof. Once new customers can see current or old customers using us, there’s little hesitation to now buy from us,’ he says.

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