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Digital nomad visas in North, Central and South America

For a true adventure on the other side of the world, have a gander over these digital nomad visas in North, Central and South America

Each part of America holds a wealth of cultures, terrains and experiences to be explored.

Further south, you get a good balance of lively fiesta and peaceful siesta, with a generally fun, colourful and vibrant feel. It’s home to captivating natural beauty in the form of jungles, beaches, glaciers and ecological heavyweight, the Amazon Rainforest.

It’s an ideal part of the world for outdoor sports too, so pack your hiking boots, your swimsuit and your bike helmet.

For a more cultural experience, learn about ancient civilisations from their own motherlands and get involved in some of the local traditions that go back centuries. You’ll get many chances to sample the sweetest tropical fruit and national dishes that go beyond burritos and tamales.

These countries are a hit practicalities-wise too. If you want to partake in some intercontinental travel, it’s easier as there’s less space to cover than the neighbouring USA. Research from A Brother Abroad shows that 80 per cent of digital nomads stay in one place between three to nine months while 66 per cent stay in one place between three and six months. What’s more, the cost of living is lower than it is in the UK so you could save yourself a few bob while you’re on adventure.

Check out these destinations if you’re interested in getting a digital nomad visa, or visas, in North, South or Central America. Each post contains more information about what it’s like to live in that country as well as where to visit and dishes to try. We’ve also supplied basic information such as the name of the visa, how long you can stay and the requirements for your application. Find out more about each visa scheme by clicking through to the general info page listed below the heading or go directly to the application page.

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