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Digital nomad visas in the Caribbean

For a bit of sea and sunshine, head to the Caribbean on a digital nomad visa. Here are the islands where you can apply

When you factor in the vibrant culture, friendly locals and the beautiful beaches, it’s no surprise that the Caribbean has opened its shores to digital nomads.

Barbados kicked it all off with The Welcome Stamp (more on that later) in July 2020, but several others have followed suit including Bermuda and The Bahamas. Some digital nomad visas even allow you to bring your family and your pets.

It’s possible to island-hop if you do your research, but it may be easier to go to neighbouring countries which have digital nomad visas. Try Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama or Colombia. Research from A Brother Abroad shows that 80 per cent of digital nomads like to spend three to nine months in a single place so it could be a shout if you want to experience different cultures or break up the trip home.

Check out these hotspots if you’re interested in getting a digital nomad visa, or visas, in the Caribbean. Each post contains more information about what it’s like to live in that country as well as a sample of living costs from Numbeo and internet speed ranking, courtesy of Speedtest. We’ve also supplied basic information such as the name of the visa, how long you can stay and the requirements for your application. Find out more about each visa scheme by clicking through to the general info page listed below the heading or go directly to the application page.

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