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Digital nomad visas in Europe

If you fancy being a digital nomad in Europe, check out these visa offerings to find your dream destination

Europe is home to a fair few popular digital nomad destinations that are just a visa away.

It’s a great place to be a digital nomad for those who love café culture, with a healthy dose of history thrown in. Learn more about the national dishes of the countries listed and the unmissable visitor attractions alongside the more everyday stuff such as rental costs and the price of a loaf of bread or a coffee.

If you’re having doubts about whether it’s for you, it’s important to note that most digital nomads (83 per cent) are self-employed and the other 17 per cent work for a company in a remote capacity.

You’d be far from alone, especially as travelling in and Europe is so easy. If the digital nomad community were a country, it would rank 41 in the world for population size, just after Canada (37,742,154) and Morocco (36,910,560), according to ABrotherAbroad.com. Research cited by TwoTicketsAnywhere.com shows that there are 35m digital nomads worldwide, with UK nomads making up 8 per cent of the total.

Check out these destinations if you fancy getting a digital nomad visa, or visas, in Europe. Each post contains more information about what it’s like to live in that country as well as what to visit and dishes to try. We’ve also supplied basic information such as the name of the visa, how long you can stay and the requirements for your application. Find out more about each visa scheme by clicking through to the general info page listed below the heading or go directly to the application page.

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