Fit for purpose looks at three companies for whom employee health is a key concern.

It may sound slightly cynical, but the healthier your staff are, the better their levels of concentration and the quality of their work. And that’s all good news for your bottom line.

Jordan Gross, CEO of IT company Ultraspeed, likes to ensure that his staff are comfortable, providing them with high-quality chairs with proper back support. ‘I’m amazed by how many companies buy their staff poor chairs; it’s unacceptable,’ he says. The company also provides healthy perks such as organic apple juice delivered every week, team lunches each month and, most significantly of all, private healthcare.

‘Everyone feels really valued and the perks we give them are a nice part of what they do. You have to care for staff as otherwise you get pulled into the salary game. We try to pay competitive salaries but give people little perks as well to keep them happy and healthy. All the other ancillary benefits are worth a lot to them.’

Guy Levine, CEO of marketing agency Return On Digital, says, ‘My view is that if you love coming into work, sickness and stress-related absence won’t be an issue.’

Perks at the company include giving staff their birthday off and group trips to the cinema. In the office, Levine makes sure that regular one-to-ones and mentoring are part of the company culture.

Relieve tension
Ann Cadman, managing director of training and development company The Source Academy, uses an audio presentation that gives motivational and health advice to her staff and finds it an inspirational tool for healthy and stress-free workers.

The company also offers health benefits such as its own gym and a sports and social club that arranges outings for staff and their families.

‘We’re finding that people feel better about themselves, and in turn this makes a positive impact on their customer service,’ she says.

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