Employee health

Guides on how employers can create a culture of health and wellness within their organisations by fostering a supportive environment, promoting work-life balance, and prioritising employee health as a strategic business priority.

Success stories

What winning The Start-Up Series meant for me – Shane Lowe, Vitrue

Vitrue Health uses the camera technology developed for Hollywood blockbusters to help sports stars recover from injuries

Employing & managing staff

Should you be outsourcing health and safety for your small business?

Not keeping up to date with health and safety can not only be harmful to your staff but can also be hugely damaging to your business. Outsourcing health and safety takes away the biggest headache for many small businesses

Employing & managing staff

Invisible illnesses: how you can help your employees

Sophie Ainsworth, founder of RAiISE, explains how employers can help staff with invisible illnesses to feel more supported in the workplace.


Work over wellbeing: UK professionals struggle to balance work and fitness

Professionals reveal they are struggling to juggle fitness and work into their busy schedule, CV-Library offers its top tips for fitting in a regular workout.

Employing & managing staff

Five effective ways to deal with staff sickness in the workplace

In preparation for World Mental Health Day, Gemma from CALLCARE has produced some top tips on how SMEs can minimise and deal with staff sickness in the workplace.

Employing & managing staff

The smartest ways to access private healthcare

Employee benefits are often neglected in UK small businesses, but studies show offering private healthcare is important for staff.


The ugly truth behind those ‘healthy’ office snacks

Wren Kitchens and nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed delve Behind the Label of some of the most popular workplace snacks, and reveal that they that aren’t as guilt-free as they seem.


Third of UK office workers don’t get enough exercise, study finds

One third of UK office workers fail to reach the NHS recommended exercise quota of 2.5 hours per week, a new study reveals.


Unhealthy employees costing British firms in lost productivity

British employers are losing on average 27.5 days of productive time per employee each year as staff take time off sick and underperform in the office.


Health tech could be the key to a fitter, healthier workforce

The majority of the British workforce would be open to monitoring their health with technology as long as their employer supplied a device to do so.


Britain’s sedentary workers cost the UK economy billions

British adults have strolled into 2017 either overweight or obese; despite around 35 per cent making a new year’s resolution to lose weight in 2016.

Office & home working

Seven ideas for creating a healthier workplace

Tracy Dixon-Maynard looks at some quick wins that will help you achieve a balance of happier staff, lower absence rates and a more productive environment.

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Streamlining document management for your small business

David Malan, sales director of DocuWare for the UK and Ireland, explains how the platform can streamline your document management

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.

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Why you need a business bank account

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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