Get ready for Enterprise Week

A celebration of all things entrepreneurial is taking place between 15 and 21 November in the shape of the UK's first ever Enterprise Week.

Coordinated by Enterprise Insight, the focus of Enterprise Week is on encouraging and inspiring people in their teens and twenties to start their own businesses. It also seeks to reach those who influence young people or provide services for them, to discuss the importance of enterprise.

A major part of this is the ‘Make Your Mark – start talking ideas’ campaign, which will be launched at Enterprise Week. Its key target is to double the proportion of young people to who aspire to start their own business to 30%. For more on this, see our article, Call to young entrepreneurs.

There will be over 250 events all over the country during the week, offering inspiration and practical advice for people who want to make their ideas happen. Activities will involve start-ups, not-for-profit organisations and established ventures.

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