Healthy food ‘a good investment for franchisees’

Increased demand for healthy food makes health food businesses good investments for franchisees, according to Franchise Magazine.

Shops such as Revive Juice Bars are designed to exploit the backlash against fatty food, reports the magazine.

Revive already has six cafes owned by the company and is on the look-out for potential franchisees to open more stores across the country.

There are more than 50 drinks on offer in the bar providing various combinations of fruit.

Revive has also proved popular in the Middle East, where a private equity firm plans to open 20 stores, the magazine says.

According to the firm, it is looking for customer-focussed franchisees who are willing to be committed to the business.

Revive Juice Bars says it is an ‘exhilarating health experience with an exotic menu’ and claims to provide an opportunity to get closer to the target of five servings of fruit and vegetables.

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